Sound Plaza


Sound Plaza compares HiFi speakers throughout the UK. Including price, specs and other info such as reviews. It mainly focuses on floor standing and bookshelf speakers.

Sound Plaza

Why create the site?

I originally created it due to my interest in HiFi gear. Improving my PHP skills were high on the agenda and I loved the idea of getting a big database full of speaker reviews, specs and other interesting info.

Once accumulated I could then play around with the styling of the content and optimising it for UX, SEO and generally act as a test bed for all my digital marketing questions.

Overall Pro's

Problems encountered

What's the future of Sound Plaza?

Given that the HiFi industry isn't exactly the most lucrative of them all, I would say that this will stay as a side project and I probably won't push it too far. I may look into hiring some external help from the Philippines to keep things up to date whilst trying to keep costs to a minimum. This could also open up the site to a wider range of product reviews/ specs/ prices etc. Also going 'international' could be interesting and that will open things up to bigger traffic.

Turning it off would be a shame but keeping it as it is isn't exactly providing the best service. It's a tricky one!

Once I have this site up to date and Spectrum revamped, then Sound Plaza will get a new lick of paint.

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