About Me


About Me

Welcome to my newly designed/ developed site. My old site was looking a little 2011, so thought I would give it a revamp. My last site was built from my own custom CMS (php). That was a little overkill so I have created this one in simple html/ css/ jquery with a touch of backend work. Currently using the Skeleton responsive CSS framework. Overall it took a week to build in my spare time, so I hope your blown away with my internet skills!

If you don't know me already, I would describe myself as kid that grew up during the digital revolution in the Great British countryside (Kent). I have been building PC's from the age of 7 and have grown up with all the wonders of technology/ gaming/ internet/ design/ music of the '80s and '90s.

I started out my life after school in 'creative' circles getting involved with interactive graphic design at Bath Spa University. From then onwards I have tried a few different roles, exploring more tech based roles and more client facing roles. I have come to realise that Digital Marketing is my thing as I love working with design/ dev teams. However I get the biggest kicks from marketing as you can really see a direct impact you are making e.g. send off campaign/ update website and then see business come in as a result. I think practical performance based outcomes suit me best as design/ dev can often be open for interpretation, which is great, but can be frustrating. I do still however love playing with design/ dev in spare time (hence this site and a few others).

Overall I would say that I'm quite a balanced right brain/ left brain person. I love creative, but thrive on logic and practical reason.

Interests coming soon!

A list of my favourite computer games, music, countries, speakers + more coming soon. Also a few more pics/ vids of me checking places out.

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